“FACET” – Flavourings, Additives and food Contact materials Exposure

2008 - 2012
"FACET" – Flavourings, Additives and food Contact materials Exposure
Sponsor: EU

The FACET project was developed in response to a call by the European Commission to produce a risk management tool consisting of a database containing information on the levels of food additives, flavourings and food packaging migrants and corresponding food consumption data. The main reasons that such a tool is required in the EU can be summarized as follows: 1. Efforts to monitor exposure to food chemical intake tend to be orientated toward specific groups of chemicals and to date, no concerted effort has been made in the EU to combine exposure estimates for several chemicals into one project. 2. In the past, individual projects estimating food chemical exposure have had a finite objective in providing an exposure estimate at a defined point in time. The present study will certainly do that but it is also intended that the surveillance system developed in the present project will be capable of being both sustained and developedfor use by EU regulatory authorities. With regards to the main areas separately, FACET will extend the current state-of-the-art as follows: : food additives, flavourings, food packaging migrants, food chemical occurrence, food chemical concentration data, food intake data, regional modelling, food chemical exposure models.