Migration investigation on aluminium laminates’ sponsor=’European Aluminium Foil Association – EAFA

2001 - 2003
Migration investigation on aluminium laminates
Sponsor: European Aluminium Foil Association – EAFA

Overal aim of the project is to create a complete scientific database of fundamental physicalconstants to enable aluminium laminate producers to us migration modelling for compliancetesting of all types of packaging made out of aluminium laminates. In detail the aims of theproject are:
1. Complete the experimental determination of the fundamental constants needed forcompliance testing by migration modelling of aluminium laminates studied in part I withrespect to more suitable food simulants.
2. Experimental determination of the fundamental constants of new laminate types notcovered by experiment until now for example extrusion coated laminates or paper laminatedto aluminium by wax but not limited to these.
3. Improvement and adaptation of the migration modelling procedure to the specificneeds of the producers of aluminium laminates.